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Shortly before his company won the right last week to sell a new drug for severe eczema, Dr. Len Schleifer made a brash promise.

He vowed to price the medicine “responsibly” and avoid the anger that high drug prices have stirred. “You’ll get to judge me and see how we do,” he told me.


To his credit, Schleifer appears to have delivered.

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  • My allergies and eczema are bad, and only steroids have ever really helped me. Then I tried foderma serum randomly and I’m so glad that I did! He helps reduce my rashes and makes the itching stop!

  • It is surprising how gut issues can result from accumulation of toxins and heavy metals, and lead to allergies and sensitivities that can fuel eczema and other skin conditions. It might be far less expensive to diagnose and address such root causes of skin problems.

  • You can only afford to buy these medications if you have insurance. Please tell me how any middle class wage earner that makes less than 100,000 a year can afford half of their earning to go directly to one medication? Lol
    Pharmaceutacal companies are reciculous.

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