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PITTSBURG, Kan. — The vote felt like a blow to Suzan Emmons.

Kansas came close this week — achingly close — to expanding Medicaid to extend health insurance to low-income adults like her. The Republican-dominated Legislature had passed the bill and supporters vowed to override the governor’s veto. But on Monday, the House fell three votes short.

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  • The 63 yr old woman who lives on $721 a month and raising her 13 yr old grandson–is she receiving welfare, etc for the grandson which makes her income too high to receive Medicaid?

  • If people and the elected officials bothered to read their history, they would see the truth and facts for what they are.
    Prior to medicaid, people got taken care of and a lot better than under medicaid.
    I am still looking in the constitution to where it says health care will be supplied by the govt.
    If medicaid was abandoned today, it would go back to the Churches, where it had been for well over a thousand years. I see these big government supporters say, HEY, DO NOT MIX CHURCH AND State. yET, the churches took care of health care and sick people for thousands of year. The govt takes it out of the the Churches vocation, as health care and peoples welfare is the job of the church, and these people say SEPARATE CHURCH AND STATE, yet when it is Medicaid, these big govt kool-aide drinkers seem to forget their own rules. Yes, it is only what they say, and it is ok if they change the rules, but no one else can.
    Who has the cojones to sue to govt for all the churches across the world to get this job back. The biggest hospital systems in the world
    1. Seventh Day Adventist, 2. Catholic Health Care, 3. Baptist Health Care.

    The facts speak for themselves. The Govt communists, took the very job of the Churches and yell separate church and state, and yet, they do not even do as they say. Hypocrites.
    If the Churches ran medicaid, there would be very few problems. And the poor would get health care of excellence.
    Right now, Medicaid is atrocious for giving out opiates, and low grade medicines, and low grade therapies, and cheap therapies, that really do not help the patient, they just keep the poor in bondage.
    The churches gave health care of excellence and it took the poor out of bondage. Any one that supports medicaid is evil beyond evil.
    The solution was there, and those evil people, stole the job from the church
    so they could put patients and the poor into bondage.

  • There should be something legally equivalent to war crimes to charge Governor Brownback with for what he is doing to the people of his state. Shame on him. Let’s take away his taxpayer subsidized top-of-the-line healthcare and put him and his family out on the open healthcare marketplace. It’s absurd to have people untouched by the actual healthcare marketplace making choices for millions of vulnerable people.

    • ALL elected officials should only have healthcare coverage the same as they choose for everyone else. Also not let ANY elected official stay in office more than three elections because they get too comfortable and forget the low income seniors and families struggling to survive also helped elect them.

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