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Seizing on the opioid epidemic as a chance to expand their reach, naturopaths and chiropractors are aggressively lobbying Congress and state governments to elevate the role of alternative therapies in treating chronic pain. They’ve scored several victories in recent months, and hope the Trump administration will give them a further boost.

Their most powerful argument: We don’t prescribe addictive pain pills.


Shunning pharmaceuticals, they treat pain with everything from acupuncture to massage to castor oil ointments. They offer herbal supplements and homeopathic pills.

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  • One significant efficacious treatment is a psychologist who has specialized in pain for chronic pain conditions, using hypnotherapy as a way to help the patient with the chronicity of their pain.

    This approach to treatment has an effective way for the patient to also use a self-hypnosis protocol outside of the treatment room. Finding the best psychologist is the most important issue with chronic pain treatment.

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