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WASHINGTON — Dr. Scott Gottlieb has been preparing for this job his whole life.

He’s a physician and a conservative policy wonk. He’s been a federal regulator scrutinizing new drugs. He’s a writer. An investor. And a consultant: He’s made a lot of money advising biopharma executives on how to get through the bureaucratic thickets of the Food and Drug Administration.

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  • It’s about time we get a FDA Commissioner who actually cares about protecting public health, and keeping Americans alive.

    In sharp contrast to Robert Califf’s support for FDA’s cigarette protecting Deeming Regulation that is set to ban the sale of all lifesaving vapor products in the US on August 8, 2018, Gottlieb knows that vapor products are far less harmful than cigarette smoking, have helped millions of smokers quit smoking, and pose very little (if any) risk for creating daily dependence for nonsmokers.

  • The FDA doesn’t keep Americans safe. They were repeatedly warmed about NECC and did NOTHING. 74 patients were then murdered and 771 sickened by NECC and the FDA sat on the sidelines with knowledge about this murderous company.

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