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Just three years ago, Michigan had the fourth-highest rate of unvaccinated kindergartners in the nation. But when a charter school in northwestern Traverse City reported nearly two dozen cases of whooping cough and several cases of measles that November, state officials were jolted to action.

Without much fanfare — or time for opponents to respond — they abandoned the state’s relatively loose rules for getting an exemption and issued a regulation requiring families to consult personally with local public health departments before obtaining an immunization waiver.

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  • Sorry, I meant “B.” KM is a sensible person. But I’d like to add– B’s research recommended research procedure is literally to find bogus information by running a search query. Fantastic. By the way, this will also work equally well for “Truth about the Moon Landings,” “Truth about the Illuminati who secretly run the world, “Truth about how Flouride is a secret plot to control our minds,” and any other equally nonsense, dangerous nutty theory on par with “Every single person involved in health care, from doctors, to public health officials, to regulators is involved in a complex, nefarious plot to secretly harm our kids and public health.” Of course I can run a search to find a bunch of crazy nonsense, discredited research, anecdotal evidence, wild speculation, nebulous references to “chemicals” and conspiracies. Of course I can– and it will all look legitimate. Nice typeface, great charts, whatever. But B, it is all utter, complete garbage. Part of you, there has to be part of you that can still recognize that?

    What motivates these people to endanger our kids, and public health in general? What kind of denial? Is it that they can’t admit that there is something out of their control like disease? But– it is in our control. Our at least it was, until this group of irresponsible people came along.

  • KM,

    There is nothing that I or anyone can say to you that will convince you that all of the “research” you cling to simply doesn’t exist outside your network/echo chamber of like minded deniers. But for the rest of us, there is no “balance,” no “two sides.” You and your kind are recklessly endangering the health of children, especially those who cannot get vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons. There is no excuse.

  • I find this article rather biased against people who choose not to vaccinate, or to delay vaccination. It is also obvious that the author as well as the people interviewed have not done thorough research into the risks of vaccinations. They are made out to be perfectly safe, but on vaccination package inserts there are numerous possible side effects, and vaccinations are actually classified as “unavoidably unsafe.” It’s a bit ridiculous that an organization that is for “vaccine choice” gets labeled “anti-vaccine.” Again, someone is not doing their homework. Isn’t it more appropriate to say that such an organization is “vaccine-cautious”? I think it’s probably safe to say that most of us are pro-kid, pro-health. Stop using “anti,” it proves you are biased against people who don’t share your view, and true media is supposed to be unbiased.

    If you want to learn the facts, google “the truth about vaccines,” and check out Ty Bollinger’s website and docuseries, which is fair, unbiased, interviews people on both sides of the issue, and lets people decide for themselves if vaccinations are right for them. Another thing… these childhood illnesses (measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc.) are not normally dangerous illnesses. Stop trying to scare-monger. Most children come through these illnesses tougher and more immune to further illness. The risk of side effects from vaccinations according to the current schedule is far higher than the risk of getting the diseases for which one is getting vaccinated. Besides, if both parents of an infant test negative for hep-B, why are we giving newborns a shot with toxic levels of aluminum? This is just one of many examples. The CDC and pharmaceutical companies are not held liable if a vaccination injures your child, so where is quality control? We know vaccinations can cause injury, as there is a special fund that exists to pay families compensation for vaccine injury, which has paid out over $3.5 billion to date. Please – do your homework!

    • *rolls eyes*

      Childhood illnesses are not harmless. Measles can cause lasting neurological damage. My father almost died from Chicken Pox. Polio can paralyze. How are those harmless.

      Vaccines do not cause autism or autoimmune disorders. Vaccines save lives.

      Do your homework.

    • KM,
      I have done my homework. That’s why I posted what I did. But I can tell you haven’t done yours, as the CDC’s own research AND vaccine inserts say that side effects include possible AUTISM and AUTOIMMUNE disorders… perhaps you would want to look that up before claiming untruths. Obviously some people are too scared to find out they’ve been wrong all along. I’m not anti-vaccine, I just want to see them a LOT safer, and delayed. Also, concerning polio… I used to think that it caused paralyzation too, but I’ve since learned that very few of the cases that were called polio were actually from the polio vaccine (just like so few cases of what people think are influenza today really are influenza), other viruses mimic the symptoms and are assumed to be polio. The research is out there. Many people who DID get polio were only paralyzed for 1-2 weeks, then all symptoms went away. Go to if you want to see the studies. It is a wealth of information, and all of it is very well-documented. Much of it pulled down straight from the CDC websites and other professional health websites.

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