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ATLANTA — President Trump is determined to expand access to addiction treatment to help curb the opioid crisis, several of his top health advisers said on Wednesday.

But they offered few details on how they would fund those efforts at a time when the administration is also pushing for deep budget cuts to domestic programs and seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which extends mental health and addiction treatment to millions.


Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price told advocates gathered here at a summit on drug abuse that his agency would boost access to opioid treatment, support “cutting-edge research” on new treatment, and push for better practices to help patients manage their pain, to cut down on prescriptions of powerful opioids.

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  • Excuse me; but if doctors would focus a whole lot more on their own mistakes in the performance of their profession and on any life situations that may be influencing that work, it would save INFINITELY more lives than trying in vain to stop people from getting high on whatever they can get their hands on. Doctors kill 440,000 people a year from medical errors that are PREVENTABLE. That number far outreaches those that die from drug overdoses.

  • Cut domestic abuse programs?? How many women and children die at the hands of a significant other every year?? Or beaten to almost death?? These people need a safe place, treatment, and to prosecute the abuser.
    Help the addicts but don’t take away from the physically abused family.

    You also need to stop lumping heroin/opioid addicts with chronic pain patients. There are legitimate pain patients that need their care back from their doctors!! Every patient is different. Thier pain is different. Their pain is caused by different reasons. People metabolize at different rates. No two patients are the same by any means. Please let our Drs treat us individually.

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