pril 20 is a popular day known colloquially as 4/20 — an unofficial day to celebrate marijuana. What’s the tie-in between 4/20 and pot? Some say it has to do with the Grateful Dead. Others give credit to a group of teens in 1970s who were searching for a fabled pot farm. Either way, marijuana is gaining traction as a therapeutic — 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized its medicinal use.

How much do you know about marijuana and its medicinal properties? Take our quiz. We hope you get a high score.

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  • My experience using medical marijuana for rehabilitation and therapy has people using a few doses then refusing it. Clearly we need evidence based use.

  • I currently take a mild opioid for chronic pain. I would like to switch to marijuana (legal in my state), but must first get a doctor’s certification to do so. I receive Medicaid which doesn’t cover this doctor visit. I cannot afford to pay myself ($200), nor can I afford the cost of the marijuana which is also not covered by insurance though my opioid is covered. The government is, by default, forcing me to continue on opioids. What’s wrong with this picture?

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