The March for Science is expected to make history with hundreds of thousands of people attending rallies across the US and around the world on Saturday in support of science. In attendance will be not just scientists and doctors but also educators, kids, environmentalists, and others.

Of course, one of the best parts of any march is the signs — and the early evidence is that this march will definitely deliver on that front.

So, as a preview of what’s to come Saturday, we’ve rounded up the most clever signs marchers are making, and what our readers say the march means to them.


“It’s a time to say thanks for the advancements in society we have because of science: the USB, polio vaccine, HIV tests. ”

Carey Reed, marching in New York City

#sciencemarch #Washington #whitesalmon #marchforscience

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Science signage with @raaagerienne #thurstoncounty #indivisible #protest #sciencemarch #marchforscience

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“Are we marching because of NIH budget cuts? Sure. More importantly, we are marching because scientists must let the public know that ‘alternate facts’ are not science.”

KT & Kimberly Pickard, marching in Milwaukee

Science march poster!!!! #sciencemarch #earthday #science #facts

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“I am the son of a refugee from Nazi-occupied Europe and the grandson of refugees from Tsarist Russia. I [am] marching in honor of the immigrants who came to this country and contributed to the advancement of scientific knowledge and to improvements in health that have benefited the people of Boston and the citizens of this planet.”

Dr. Thomas Michel, marching in Boston

“Believers of evidence-based policymaking need to get out into the community and make sure their voices are heard.”

Katy Lind, marching in Washington, D.C.

See you at the @sciencemarchslc on Saturday! #sciencemarch ??⚗️??

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