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WASHINGTON — After months of planning, and amid growing concern over the US commitment to science, tens of thousands of researchers, activists, and others descended on the capital on Saturday for what was billed as a historic march in the name of science.

In countries across the world, science advocates rallied in hundreds of satellite marches, kicking off in New Zealand and picking up with events staged across the Eastern Hemisphere. In Western Europe, there were an estimated 20 marches planned in Germany, 15 in France, eight in Italy, and five in England.


And by the close of the day, those involved in the march’s planning were calling the event a success.

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  • Another ‘march’? So what! Libs and far-left democrats will march for any thing.
    It’s really getting a little ‘common place’ now and people are getting bored with it. Can anyone say ‘over-kill’??

  • As a female of colour who is interested in science myself, I can obviously say that this March is completely worthless. Science does not care for anyone’s feelings, and if you don’t have what it takes to go into S.T.E.M, than sorry. But you are not going to succeed in becoming a scientist, engineer, mathematician, ect.

    Either way, nobody is holding anybody back from going into a career in science. It is their decision, and if people who happen to be either female or a person of colour happens not to want to go into a career in science, than guess what…They don’t frigging have to go into a career in science. It is their choice.
    So why don’t these people just find something productive to do with their lives, rather than just going around screaming and complaining about something that isn’t even that much of a big deal.

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