As March for Science events take place in hundreds of cities across the US, one perhaps more than any other plans to aim its message directly at President Trump — or, at least as close as the Secret Service will let them get.

The Palm Beach County March for Science received the necessary permissions to march to Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida home and “winter White House.” Although Trump is not there this weekend, he has spent many weekends in recent months at the club, including hosting dignitaries there for official events.

Marchers are gathering near the science museum in Palm Beach for a rally now, and will then walk the 2.5 miles to Mar-a-Lago with an escort by the Palm Beach police force. They will arrive to the club between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., organizer Mark Offerman said.


Offerman said at least 750 people were expected to turn out, and another 2,000 had expressed interest.

Secret Service restrictions won’t let marchers congregate outside the private club, so they will do a figure-eight on the roundabout just outside its fences, and turn back toward where they started.

“Since it is Earth Day it means something to us. … Particularly in south Florida, we need to keep it from sinking beneath the tides,” Offerman said.


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