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In the left corner, from Boston, Mass., a renowned principal investigator with more than 120 peer-reviewed publications under her belt. And in the right corner, out of San Antonio, Texas, an esteemed journal editor with thousands of citations to his name.

Before a crowd of hundreds of neurologists, Dr. Reisa Sperling and George Perry came to fight on behalf of neuroscience’s Hatfields and McCoys — those who believe sticky plaques called beta amyloid are to blame for Alzheimer’s disease, and those who think that’s outmoded bunk.

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  • What we eat, the quality of the food available to us and how we treat ourselves and our community will largely determine how we age and whether we develop disabilities early. Spending billions to chase down some semi-toxic drug to alleviate a symptom while destroying the soil with chemicals to produce cheap junk food is madness.

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