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A scientific study of one of medicine’s most vexing mysteries, chronic fatigue syndrome, launched recently, and it includes a patient whose emotional plea to NIH Director Francis Collins helped trigger the initiative.

Brian Vastag, 45, a former science writer and Washington Post reporter who, in mid-2015, penned an open letter to Collins seeking more funding for the disorder, traveled last week from his home in Kauai to Bethesda, Md. On Monday, he joined a group that will grow to more than 100 people undergoing a battery of tests aimed at one day finding a treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis.

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  • I have suffered from severe Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome along with 6 other Chronic diseases for over 12 years. Fibromyalgia and leaky gut for over 26 years and IBS and the signs of Fibromyalgia for 35 years. The last 14 months I have been bed ridden after contacting “Epstein Barr Virus” May 2016. I am only 54 years old and I wanted to die. One day I started to think about the foods that cause or trigger INFLAMMATION and how that plays into our immune systems. I singled out 5 foods that cause or instigate INFLAMMATION and cut them out of my diet. To say that I am better is an understatement. My severe Myofasia Pain Syndrome is gone after 2 weeks of NOT EATING THESE 5 FOODS. Please!!!!! If I could help 1 person get out of the torture chamber we live in with these debilitating diseases I would not have suffered in vain. I’m only 3 weeks into eating only Whole foods and I sleep better, wake up better and get out of bed easier then ever before. I have more energy and far far less pain. I feel like I’m getting my life back. No more STIFFNESS and INFLAMMATION at all. It’s a miracle.
    These foods to stop eating Now are;
    1. GRAINS
    2. DAIRY
    3. SUGAR
    4. LEGUMES
    5. ALCOHOL
    Please contact me if you would like proof and testament to my statement.
    Carmelina Crudo

    • Hi Carmelin..I have been suffering from ME/FM for 17 years now and I recently found out new research which says the inflammation does play a big role in CFS. I eliminated all the foods you mentioned and added turmeric-curcumin, tart cherry juice as well as Boswella which all have strong anti-inflammatory properties and I feel so much better. IBS and SIBO is also caused by inflammation in the gut. Hope this helps!

    • Considering that mold was reported in the very incident that CFS was coined to solve, including mold isn’t just some kind of idle choice or option for the NIH.
      It’s mandatory, for anyone purporting to act like a REAL “scientist”

      Mold Warriors by Dr Ritchie Shoemaker
      Gateway Press 2005

      Chapt. 23
      Mold at Ground Zero for CFS

      The history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) begins in Incline Village, Nevada in 1985. In the medical history of CFS, each of the concepts applies–failed theories and failed criticism.
      One victim, Erik Johnson, told everyone who would listen that mold was a cause of CFS. He came up with his theory at the wrong time in the politics of medical opinion, as a unknown viral cause was blamed instead. Johnson tried repeatedly to get the attention of leading CFS researchers then and now to look at what he knew about mold sensitivity. None of the heralded CFS researchers would listen.
      Twenty years passed before Erik’s mold opinions were vindicated.

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