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WASHINGTON — The National Institutes of Health will get a $2 billion funding boost over the next five months, under a bipartisan spending deal reached late Sunday night in Congress. The agreement marks a sharp rejection of President Trump’s proposal to cut $1.2 billion from the medical research agency in the current fiscal year.

The deal does not address funding for 2018, when Trump has called for a slashing the NIH’s budget by about a fifth, or $5.8 billion.

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  • Let’s not forget about WHY he probably wanted to slash a bit off of the NIH, which has been investigated by congress for mishandling their money, look up all the articles out there about these ridiculous research studies they do that don’t amount to much. Here.

  • I am so happy to know money has been allocated for these horrific diseases. I do my best making donations for research in the fight against Alzheimer’s and various cancers,as well as Parkinsons,MS, Autisim ,etc. . If
    Everyone contributed Just one dollar to these diseases,I know a treatment,cure can be found!

  • Thanks be to God, that there are still some sensible representatives of the people, who know and understand what science is about. Or, maybe they are just running scared that if they do not support these agencies, we the voters will not support them. Either way, its looking better than what Trump dreamed up. He really doesn’t understand the needs of people, or what would happen in the future, if his nonsense goes through.

  • This is not “a sharp rebuke” to the president. This is called compromise, something that Congress has been unwilling or unable to do for the last eight years. It is called governing, it is called getting the job done. I don’t appreciate the hyper partisan tone your article takes – the we win, you lose mentality has got to stop.

    • Can you blame people for speaking against the Republican party, whose government leadership has spoken out so vividly about science? Again, we should praise them when they do it right.

    • You have to be a special kind of stupid to not understand how a President demanding $1.2 billion in cuts to an agency, only for Congress (controlled by his own party) putting in a $2 billion boost, is a rebuke of the President.

      I guess in your mind the only way the President can be rebuked is if Paul Ryan walks over to the White House and smacks Trump in the face.

    • I agree – the “we win/you lose,” “us vs. them” mentality does need to stop – maybe we can start with discontinuing the “I won the election/you are just a sore loser” rhetoric at rallies – or better yet, realize that you are president for all Americans, not just those who cheer your every word. Stop the exclusive rallies and talk to the American people, not a gathering of your fan club. That is the “hyper-partisanism” here. Like it or not, being the President means you are the biggest servant in the country, not the most powerful monarch. Forget the electoral college/popular vote, crowd size, tax return, golf playing minutia – just talk to us all. Bomb Syria? Fine, where is the special report address to the nation letting us know what happened, why, and where we stand (not preemptively, because we all know you don’t want to give away secrets). Its not that it would be a good idea to inform the people, it is your duty! And for the love of America, stop with the ill-informed trolling tweets! Be honorable, be tactful, be Presidential. Realize the Office of the Presidency is what is sacred – you are fortunate enough and blessed enough to have the privilege of serving as that Office’s spokesperson.

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