he yellow pill is dubbed “PriceGougi$ol,” and the activists who dreamed it up want it to become a new face of the backlash against high prescription drug prices.

A spoof ad for the fake drug made its debut Tuesday as part of the launch of a multimillion dollar push to call attention to “out-of-control” price increases. The organizer, the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing, a project from the Washington, D.C.-based National Coalition on Health Care, plans in the coming months to put out more ads and promote the stories of Americans impacted by high drug prices.

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  • It’s about time something is done about drug prices, from such things as epi-pens,to many generics that have taken 4 or more price increases of 2 to 2 1/2 X in the last few years. It seems big pharma is just as GREEDY as big oil and both play with product prices on what seems like a daily basis. If we had reps.in Washington that were worth a s**t they would stop this,Oh, but I forgot!!! Most are bought & paid for by big pharma & bid oil so I guess us peons are screwed.

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