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WASHINGTON — Dr. Scott Gottlieb is headed back to the Food and Drug Administration.

By a vote of 57 to 42, the Senate on Tuesday confirmed Gottlieb, a former FDA deputy commissioner, as the agency’s next chief.

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  • For a decade FDA Commissioners continue to acknowledge the 1000+ studies, especially ongoing NIEHS published studies all confirming adverse fetal, infant, and child body & brain effects are caused by exposure to soy hormone disruptors plus additional developmental soy poisons, i.e.- phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors, heavy metals…etc., and NONE of our FDA Commissioners have yet to lawfully disclose as critical public health information! NIH Collins is also aware of these mass Pubmed studies, as well as multiple FDA testimonials ALL confirming soy phyto-poisons can adversely contaminate physiological, reproductive, and neurological DNA development. NIH and FDA leaders choose to protect overwhelming U.S. marketing of soy plant-poisons in baby formulas and child foods without fair & lawful public disclosure! Unthinkable betrayal! Will FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb become an exception? Will Dr. Gottlieb be true to his promise of ethics and good heath…and abide by U.S. public health laws? Ask him.

  • It seems like every nominee has conflicts of interest that require self-induced recusal. Who is going to hold him accountable when he has glaring conflicts with “plausible deniability”? This is getting beyond absurd. In addition, the trump administration already wants to cut what is already severely underfunded, not to mention the promise of weakening the FDA’s regulatory apparatus.

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