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CONCORD, N.H. — Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price on Wednesday commended police in West Virginia for “doing what they thought was appropriate” in arresting a journalist who shouted questions at him, but added that it wasn’t his call to say whether they took the proper measures.

Price said the reporter confronted him while he was walking down a hallway. “That gentleman was not in a press conference,” he said.

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  • It begins. Just watch for Predator Trump to declare Martial Law and to start arresting not only journalists but also dissenters and freethinkers.

  • What a spineless jelly fish Price is. A listening tour? Give me a break. The only persons they listen too are their corporate overlords… What a joke

  • tRump & all his cronies had better get used to opposition — the majority of voters, nearly 3 million more, didn’t vote for him or his policies, yet they are trying to give him a dose of REAL LIFE — what happens when you only play to the bigwigs on Wall Street & ignore the sufferings of the 98% on Main Street!!

  • We’ll see how much little Tommy likes law enforcement when the police, subpoenas and arrest warrants in hand, start knocking on the doors of Trump Administration officials.

  • I never cease to be amazed by moral and intellectual rot of GOP, every day!

    • If you want to see real intellectual rot, just go to the nearest college campus protest and watch the antifa thugs in action.

    • To panaaronowski. The difference is that the kids protesting are just that KIDS. These administration officials are supposed to be adults, yet they act as children. To continue excusing the behaviour of Trump and his people because of the actions of a few college kids is disgraceful. Grow up.

    • Unfortunately that “rot” has spread to the Dems as well. I voted 3rd party for the 1st time, Jill Stein, and I’ve never felt so good about a vote. Dems and repubs are two cheeks, one butt.

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