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Two governors, a former congressman in recovery, and an addiction researcher are set to join New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on President Trump’s opioid panel.

The White House announced Wednesday that the president intended to appoint Republican Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Democratic Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina to the Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.

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  • My name is Clayton Fowler, I am a 49 year old 100% disabled veteran and have been taking pain medications for 14 years to manage the pain. Here recently I reported an incident that happened at the VA clinic in Meridian Mississippi. I was referred to as a damn white cracker by Nurse Shirley Brown. Also at the same clinic about a year and a half ago I reported an incident were I was berated and threatened to have me arrested by a clerk named Darius for asking a question and nothing has been done. And now the Provider there is drastically reducing my medications. I feel sure this is in retaliation of reporting it to the Accountability Hotline. I have requested a change of clinics back to Jackson but am being told that they are not accepting transfers at this time. I would very much appreciate any help that you may provide. My number is 251-387-0416. I live in Stonewall Mississippi. I have also contacted Senator Cochran and Senator Wicker on this matter. Thank you and God bless

  • I am a 100% disabled veteran and have been managing my pain with morphine and oxycodone for 14 years with no problems. This new directive is affecting what little quality of life I have. I cannot understand why this is happening. However I will, by whatever means necessary, do what I can to not live with this pain.

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