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Poll after poll shows Americans are increasingly concerned about the price of prescription drugs. With each new survey, the debate about importing drugs from Canada seems to gain steam. At least four different bills have been introduced this year in Congress, and while the fate of legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act dominates the agenda on Capitol Hill, buying drugs across the border is an idea that won’t go away.

Here’s STAT’s guide to the question, with opinions from some industry and political experts.


What are the proposals?

So far, the bills all build on existing legislation. Currently, a Health and Human Services secretary could allow pharmacists and wholesalers to import drugs from Canada or grant waivers for individuals to bring in medications — and some members of Congress have encouraged Secretary Tom Price to do that.

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  • Why don’t we ever hear stories about the millions of Americans with Chronic Pain diseases,which have failed to respond to all other treatments,and take their opioid medications responsibly,and are committing suicide,as their ability to function and lead productive lives,is overshadowed by a term opioid epidemic,that no longer exists.Balanced reporting,backed by updated data,causes more Harm,and a new term in medicine”lack of empathy for unecessary suffering.

  • Drug should be PREDICTABLE in action, i.e. On set and elimination. For this adds quality of raw material that goes into the process, which in other words quality control. All this are contributing factors and every one knows it costs money and price of the drug. Taking into the transportation costs at different levels, the Buyer may negotiate with Manufacturers the break down of the expenses involved plus the reasonable profit for manufacturing adding to it the future of research. This should be considered before Importing the drugs from sources other than Home land.

  • The PhRMA spokesperson assertion that ‘In general, an importation scheme could have a detrimental impact on future investment in pharmaceutical innovation’ suddenly sounds as tired as the idea that Director Comey was fired for issues related to Hillary Clinton’s emails last July – and just about as credible.

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