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WASHINGTON — Louisiana’s senior senator, a former liver doctor, has practiced medicine for decades.

Bill Cassidy has taught medical students; led efforts to vaccinate thousands of Louisiana schoolchildren; founded a community clinic that pairs uninsured patients with doctors willing to treat them; and after Hurricane Katrina helped to transform an abandoned Kmart in Baton Rouge into a makeshift hospital wing.

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  • No one is talking about he no cap rule that was part of Obamacare and must be part of any legislation. This is critical to Medicare. Vouchers and privatizing MCR is not good for seniors and MCR. Insurers would love not to insure seniors and if covered costs wold be too high for seniors. Vouchers won’t work. Anyone with chronics or cancer won’t have enough to purchase sufficient coverage. Any change in healthcare should not impact seniors currently 65 and or on Medicare.

  • I am amazed that we have so much difficulty on agreeing on how best to provide health care for our people.Trump himself recognized that the Aussies have a better system than we have.Is it possible for us to learn from other countries on how they are able to do this?We spend the most dollars on health care– yet we achieve suboptimal results in every area.Poor Cuba even does a better job-Could we humble ourselves and learn from others?

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