nna Devane has survived assassination plots, severe frostbite, and a boat explosion that left her with amnesia. Now, resigned to a hospital bed with inexplicable fatigue, she’s facing perhaps her most fearsome adversary.

“There’s no easy way to put this, Anna,” said Dr. Griffin Munro, a former Catholic priest who is also the out-of-wedlock son of Devane’s mob-connected ex-husband. “You have cancer.”

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  • Just correcting a few character background points, the doctor who diagnosed her was not in fact her son in law but the son of her ex-fiance Duke. While it does appear that her twin Alex has swapped lives with her, that took place after Anna was diagnosed with this rare blood disease making Anna the carrier. Not crucial information in the grand scheme of the article, but I thought I would note it for fact checking sake. Interesting article! I enjoyed reading the findings!

    • I laughed out loud that they decided to include details without doing the research or asking someone in the know. Alex wasn’t on the scene then and the son in law thing was hilarious. Kind of ruined an otherwise good article for me with sloppy research…

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