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The Trump administration’s proposed budget for 2018 would make sweeping cuts to Medicaid as well as to the agencies and programs that are the nation’s engines of science and biomedical research.

The administration released a “skinny budget” in March that included sharp proposed cuts to biomedical and science funding. That blueprint prompted harsh blowback from scientists and public health professionals alarmed by the potential long-lasting damage of such dramatic reductions in funding. It also received a cool reception from Republican lawmakers.


But the administration’s fleshed-out budget, which was posted online prematurely on Monday and then quickly taken down, indicates the White House is determined to stay the course. In a nod at that austerity, the document says the budget “focuses resources on direct services and proven investments while streamlining or eliminating programs that are duplicative or have limited impact.”

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  • “In the service of the American people”
    So that’s alright then!
    I think we are going to see this or similar epithets attached to all kinds of goofy proposals to justify their impinging however drastically on the ‘average working American’.
    Let’s not forget folks, that The Trump could afford to pay for any type of medical treatment out of his pocket, even billion dollar drugs, and probably doesn’t need, or care to have, American health insurance (sic).
    Looks like y’all are gonna get what ya voted for , suckerz!

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