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Representatives of countries from around the globe will get down to the task of electing the next leader of the World Health Organization on Tuesday.

Here at STAT, we’re not making any bold prognostications on who will be selected to take over the helm of the global health agency from outgoing Director-General Margaret Chan, who has served two terms and cannot run again. The only prediction we feel relatively safe making is that in the halls of the WHO’s Geneva headquarters, Tuesday may be a very long day.


This election — the first time the WHO’s entire membership will be involved in selecting a director-general — involves secret balloting. Few if any countries have tipped their hands about how they are casting their votes.

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  • Teodros Adhanom, is a member of the Tigrean liberation mafia party, who has single handedly embezzling public resources for their personal purposes, and waged a war on civilians, that demanded for their constitutional rights. He is a member of the executive committee, that has passed decisions to dispossess farmers from their ancestral lands in Oromia, Gambella, Benshangula and Amhara states, without their consent and any proper arrangement. This so called, Adhanom, is a man who has got a huge fame and praised with a cooked health data. Practically, the health conditions and sanitary coverage of the rural populations of Ethiopians is very low. One of this said achievement was, the health extension workers. These employees, are technically political cadres, not health workers, as their name indicate. At the facilities, they were deployed to help the communities, they don’t have any medical/health equipment. I am the witness for this!

    Adhnom, is an incompetent person, and I noticed on one of this meeting that he has a communication problems. He is a man, who doesn’t speak English very well, but running for WHO general director position. This mafia Tigreans group think, this position is a quota position like their fake parliament. Isn’t it shame on him?

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