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After an outcry, the Trump administration has rolled back a proposed gutting of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, instead asking for relatively small trims to the office and largely preserving two main grant programs.

President Trump’s 2018 budget — released Tuesday — is just a proposal; Congress actually allocates government spending.

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  • Great. Nothin says success like a century-plus prohibition as prelude to headlines screaming “opiate epidemic!”

    This isn’t about any sort of success of prohibition – it’s about preserving jobs and the drug-war narrative that anyone using certain drugs is a bad person, and federal agencies, in coalition with state agencies, using draconian punishments, & Hollywood as a propaganda arm, are the correct way to address such behavior.

    Maybe it will only take another century, and a couple dozen more federal agencies, and locking up 10 or 20 million more Americans and we will win the war with Eurasia or Eastasia or whatever.

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