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As the cheers and applause washed over Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, elected Tuesday to be the next director-general of the World Health Organization, a sobering sense of reality probably also set in.

Huge challenges face Tedros, as he is known, when he takes over the embattled global health agency’s top job on July 1.


Those problems don’t all boil down to inadequate funding — and threatened funding cuts from the WHO’s second largest donor, the US government. But the question of how to secure the cash the agency needs to do the job expected of it is pretty much top of the list, people familiar with the organization and its troubles said.

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  • How can the person couldn’t lead 90 million people of Ethiopia Can be a leader of 3.8 Billion? This is Shame for WHO.
    2016 U.S election and 2017 WHO election has many similarities. Unqualified people in wrong place at the wrong time. How can the bloody hand man be a WHO leader WOW. To lead or to destroy. OMG which way this World is going to? May the end of the world is close. I am very sad a killer shouldn’t be the chairman of well respected WHO.

  • We were trusting the international organizations that they are watchful to the world community. Surprisingly they asssigned a dictator, genocider, killer, narrow minded, racist Tigre affilated poletician, who is masssively involved in cleaning up 2.5 million Amhara people by Ethiopian government. I wonder if WHO is to protect this cheater poletician when he is called to international court. I am really questioning whether the world community is practically caring for democracy. Shame on UN and WHo. God bless the Amhara people who are left with no eye to see when they are masacred.

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