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TUCSON, Ariz. — Besides the psychoactive properties of eggplant parm and mid-century nostalgia, there isn’t much about East Coast Super Subs that you would describe as medicinal.

It’s a Wednesday during the late afternoon lull and Keith McNesby, who owns the place, is shuttling back and forth between the deep fryer and the griddle, sweat coating his forehead, grease lodged in the grooves around his fingernails. At this hour, most orders are coming in by phone or online, and he’s making red sauce, he’s assembling subs to go, he’s yelling for two more crates of wings. The only eat-in customer is a heavy-equipment mechanic whose knuckles are covered in blue tattoos.


But the front door keeps swinging open. The new arrivals don’t head to the counter; instead they walk back, toward the dispenser that spits out gumballs and bouncy balls for a quarter a pop. They’re heading for a vending machine that they hope will keep them off opioids.

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  • This “author” toes the DEA corporate line so well – he should be up for some deputy liar job in a Hilaryesque dystopia. I’ve taken up to 30 grams of kratom per day with ZERO HIGHS and no side effects.

  • FDA. Is this the same FDA that regulates tobacco?
    If the mission statement of this agency is protecting the public health, why is it still allowing nicotine on the market?
    It cures nothing, it’s addictive, toxic, carcinogenic and kill around 400,000 people a year in the US alone, and can’t even get you high!
    The FDA is playing loose with the numbers; Kratom users are already junkies at risk, so of course their death-rates are going to be higher.
    And yes, FDA does play favorites with BigPharma.

  • The FDA is run by big pharma, Big pharma does not want any competition in the drug market. So any herbal treatment that actually works is a threat to them. The FDA is not interested in protecting people they are only interested in their continuing relationship with the wealthy pharmacies.

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