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WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said Monday the department will be overhauling its electronic health records, adopting a commercial product used by the Pentagon that he hopes will improve care for veterans and reduce wait times for medical appointments.

Shulkin made the announcement at a news conference following a promotional tweet by President Trump that it will “be a big day for our veterans.”

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  • Shulkin and Trump are just blowing smoke up veterans asses. This is a waste of funds. Meanwhile, Their 2018 Budget plans for Veterans is to privatize the VA, take disability benefits away from veterans and their families and spend more on the military for more war, so the USA can have more war deaths and more disabaled veterans. Wake up people! Read his budget plan:

    President Trump has no intention of helping anyone but himself and the people around him.

    The budget proposal put forward by President Trump included proposals to financially penalize disabled veterans to pay for other VA program enhancements. To the VFW, this is a nonstarter. The plan would force veterans, who are unable to work because of injuries they received during military service, to surrender their benefit when they reach retirement age. These cuts would amount to tens of thousands of dollars annually for an average veteran and could financially devastate our most severely disabled veterans.
    We must fight this proposal!

    Take Action: Contact your members of Congress and tell them to oppose the proposed cuts to Individual Unemployability (IU). Let them know that you won’t allow Congress to balance the federal budget on the backs of veterans!

    Click here to take action:

  • It will take a decade at high cost to establish this system and accumulate the data and ability and by that time, a new system will be required. These will also be dollars diverted from VA efforts to increase team members to deliver more care and to support those team members in the way that care is needed. It is not the appointment system that prevents timely and best care, it is the way care has not been managed well. There are better options that invest in delivery team members and not in corporations – a departure from the the last decade of design changes.

    • Agreed. I saw the press conference where he misled his audience by saying the system will be up and running within eight months, but the reporters correctly called bullsh*t on that one. They should use the $4.5 billion for IT put it into helping prevent ex GI’s from suiciding at such alarming rates. Pay the bucks for outside professional shrinks since the VA shrinks ain’t worth crap.

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