he Senate health committee will finally train its spotlight on the high cost of prescription drugs in a highly anticipated public hearing Tuesday, the first major congressional examination of the issue since President Trump took office buoyed in part by his promises to lower prices.

Trump famously accused pharmaceutical companies of “getting away with murder” in January — but don’t expect the panel to be a slugfest.

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  • In most cases, talk is cheap. But, when it comes to congress, through no fault of their own, they may well wind up giving away most if not all of the savings to someone other than their constituents by the time anything gets done.

    Its ironic (and heartbreaking) that a country with so much innovation and so many resources cannot seem to identify and fix these or other problems.

  • Dream on! Legislators are not going to cut their food supply chain that lets them get elected.

    Many things have to happen to get there. No one wants to kill the golden goose.

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