The GOP effort to repeal and replace Obamacare is picking up steam again as the Senate works on its bill behind closed doors. How to keep track of it all? Here are a few folks to follow on Twitter:

The Legal Eagle: @RESachs

Rachel Sachs is an associate professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis. She works at the intersection of health, law, and innovation, and in her Twitter feed often talks about the effect of health policy on access and affordability. She also writes an occasional column for STAT.

The Doctor-Politician: @BillCassidy

Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana is not just the author of an alternative to AHCA, but a doctor himself. Yet, he wasn’t part of the Mitch McConnell-led group of senators working on the Senate version of the bill. Expect him to have a lot to say once the CBO score comes out. In meantime, learn more about him here.


The Reporters: @eemershon, @levfacher, @ddiamond, @sarahkliff, @jrovner@sangerkatz, @dylanlscott, @DavidNather, @jenhab, @MEPFuller, @sahilkapur, @StevenTDennis, @caitlinnowens

With health care reform often dominating the news cycle, you can count on these reporters — some specialists in health care, some generalists who cover politics — to break news, analyze outcomes, and unpack the stuffed suitcases of health care policy in Washington.

The Insurance Expert: @SabrinaCorlette

Corlette is a senior research fellow at Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms, which specializes in in-depth analysis. Her Twitter feed is a good look at the insurance industry and health care at a crossroads.

The Economist: @afrakt

Austin Frakt is a health economist and blogger for The Incidental Economist, which he runs with @aaronecarroll, @onceuponA, and several contributors, including @nicholas_bagley. He also writes for the New York Times. He offers sharp analysis of contentious questions surrounding the value and price of health care.

The Elected: @RepKevinBrady, @SpeakerRyan, @SenateMajLdr, @senorrinhatch, @SenWarren, @SenSanders, @SenFranken

Beyond Bill Cassidy, there are several Capitol Hill denizens worth following on Twitter for their thoughts on AHCA. These folks, on both sides of the aisle, are some of our favorites.

The Fact Finder: @larry_levitt

Levitt is a former policy adviser for the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services. He is currently a vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on health issues. The foundation’s polls, analysis, and research cover everything from Medicaid to HIV to global health. He’ll take bad reporting to task, and ask thoughtful questions about what will happen to American health care going forward.

The Think Tank: @Heritage

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank that regularly expounds on the Affordable Care Act and the effort to repeal. Among its most outspoken fellows? @StephenMoore.

The Advocate: @BobDohertyACP

Bob Doherty represents America’s doctors in Washington as the government affairs officer for the American College of Physicians. He’s been outspoken in critiquing the American Health Care Act that passed the House, and in urging the Senate to take more a more moderate approach.

The Secretary: @SecPriceMD

Tom Price, an orthopedic surgeon, is the secretary of HHS, which oversees everything from Medicaid and Medicare to paying out subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. Price has been outspoken about repealing the Affordable Care Act, which he calls a disaster.

The Progressive: @TopherSpiro

As a health policy fellow at the Center for American Progress, Spiro counts among his responsibilities a grassroots defense of the ACA, and at least via Twitter, he pulls few punches.

The Wonk: @ASlavitt

Andy Slavitt used to run Medicaid and Medicare under President Obama. He has very strong views on that president’s signature health care bill, and about access to health care as a whole. He’s also, apparently, fun to drive with.

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  • The people need the same health care that we give to our Congress. All of us should be in the same program.

  • Missing @charles_Gaba supreme data wonk on ACA is inexcusable. And it may be professional jealousy but Vox’s @sarahkliff & HuffPos @citizencohn are best health policy journalists in the US

    • Matthew Holt, thank you for adding Charles Gaba, he is a must read.
      I also like: @shrivercenter, @annaedney,
      @emma_sandhoe, @ChadBown,
      and @wcsanders. I know there are others I follow that are local to me, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few others, unintentionally.

      But this list is great, very helpful, especially since I avoid lists on twitter.

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