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ATLANTA — The most expensive congressional race in U.S. history may hinge on the wonky topic of preexisting conditions.

Democrat Jon Ossoff, trying to seize a suburban Atlanta seat held by Republicans since 1979, has spent weeks railing against the GOP health care bill passed by House lawmakers this spring. In debates, he’s repeatedly trotted out the story of Matt, a 7-year-old with a heart condition, saying his parents would have to pay “tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars” a year to keep their son alive if Congress repeals the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.


Responding with her own polished anecdote, Republican Karen Handel tells voters she’s well-aware of the importance of covering preexisting conditions because her sister was born without an esophagus.

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  • Ossoff has got to be one of the whitest men I have ever laid eyes on and he must bleach his skin or something because he is so bizarrely white. I just don’t picture him crying himself to sleep at night thinking about the plight of the poor negroes in the district that he moved out of. I reckon though if the DNC Plantation Slave Masters tell the blacks to vote for this very, very white man then that’s what they will be forced to do. If anyone knows of a man who is more white than this guy, let me know!

  • Hopefully the people of Atlanta will rebel against the out of state, far left people from Massachusetts. Who by the way have failed to condemn the threatening letters containing a white powder that were sent to GOP candidate Karen Handel.

  • I think Annie Blitzen and her wife have a much more important reason NOT to vote for Ms Handel, her views on same sex marriage are that “as a christian, she believes marriage is one man and one woman” . Her pulling support of breast health services from planned parenthood when she was with Komen is just the icing on the cake. An embarrassment to women everywhere.
    “A recent poll by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found the majority of residents disapprove of the GOP health plan. That includes 34-year-old Annie Blitzen, who says there’s “no way” she or her wife could afford even basic health care without the protections they have enjoyed under the Affordable Care Act.

  • $3,000 is not a lot to pay for your deductible if sometime really happens to you and you need to actually use your health insurance. $3,000 could be a drop in the bucket if you end up hospitalized with some major injury or illness. Then you’re only on the hook for 20%. What do you people think you should be paying for your own health costs – $500 bucks!?

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