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RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A judge on Friday allowed a legal challenge to proceed against California’s law letting terminally ill patients seek prescriptions for life-ending drugs.

Riverside County Superior Court Judge Daniel A. Ottolia ruled that a group of doctors had provided sufficient information for a lawsuit over the 2016 law allowing medically-assisted death.

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  • Sad down to my core to think that people that are at the last part of their lives, the last Junction of their lives. The horrible discomfort and pain and that this release and ability to not die a horrific death maybe taken from them oh my gosh!Put yourself in this position, would you want to die a horrible horrific death? Have the ability to control it and be able to have a conversation with your loved ones before you went. Please interview the people that are terminal and want these medications. Interview the people with chronic pain and chronic illness. The first reporter who publishes a major article in a well-known well circulated publication will end up being one of the founders of an incredible movement. Letting these bureaucratic asses know that we sick people, we people with chronic pain and chronic illness get a life from opioid therapy matter. It is not time to just protect the addicts who even with a mu disruption in their brain have an Avenue of choice we chronically ill and in pain and terminally ill and in pain do not have this choice!We did not ask for our illness, pain! Sincerely, Michelle Wagner MSRC,LPC,BCPC

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