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President Donald Trump repeatedly talks tough about reining in the pharmaceutical industry, but his administration’s efforts to lower drug prices are shrouded in secrecy.

Senior administrative officials met Friday to discuss an executive order on the cost of pharmaceuticals, a roundtable informed by Trump’s “Drug Pricing and Innovation Working Group.” Kaiser Health News examined documents that shed light on the workings of this working group.


The documents reveal behind-the-scenes discussions influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. Joe Grogan, associate director of health programs for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), has led the group. Until March, Grogan served as a lobbyist for Gilead Sciences, the pharmaceutical company that priced its hepatitis C drugs at $1,000 per pill.

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  • Amazon will take care of it. With their health benefits. Preventative and curative rather than proprietary and proscriptive. It’s the feint, the last acquisition and the stack of offerings. If one understands natural health. But in this day and age we don’t, because natural doesn’t have a constituency and doesn’t vote well. This has the potential to be quite epic. Whole Foods? Real food is healthy. Omron? To measure what matters. Alexa? Sound healing … or Rife frequencies in this country … done in other countries now and in other times … big pharma just keeps shooting it down. Health is tricky … do it well and you put youself out of business. So you need to think differently:
    . know the approaches
    . do them internally first
    . disgusie them as something else externally
    . measure what matters (Omron)
    . name yourself after something that cuts through and drains the jungle
    . get yourself welcomed to the Jungle

    This will be epic. Since the portion of GDP going to health keeps increasing. And USA is the highest globally.

    It’s because (a) food is for taste and health, not just taste, since body inputs affect body outputs (b) the AMA shoots down solutions that work, like Royal Rife’s stuff, done in other countries today (c) natural doesn’t represent itself well in a majority vote environment, among other things.

  • “that American consumers do not unfairly subsidize research and development for people throughout the globe.”
    If you keep telling a lie, at some point people will end up believing it. Well, surely the dumb ones!

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