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A bit of fear shadows the big bash

The folks at BIO set the table for the conference with a breathless 4-minute video touting the incredible science and brilliant minds represented here. Amid the tributes, we were surprised to hear a discordant note from BIO CEO Jim Greenwood. He usually refrains from wading into political controversy. Yet here he was, preemptively scolding the Republicans who control the White House and the Hill for casting a pall over the industry: “We’re worried about what Congress and the president could do in terms of bad policy.”

Wine, cheese, flamenco dancers: Bring it on

That collective anxiety is good news for the many foreign representatives who flock to BIO trying to recruit U.S. scientists and entrepreneurs. They may not explicitly mention President Trump. But they’re happy to draw contrasts between their own policies and the administration’s plans to slash research funding and clamp down on immigration. “We are open for talent. We are open for investments. We are open for business,” one Canadian official said. If that’s not enough, they’ll trot out the local delicacies and even, maybe, flamenco dancers. Read more from Rebecca Robbins here.


In the tweet of the moment

Your daily reminder (as if you needed it) that BIO is at least as much about local boosterism as it is about actual science:


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