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Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff for the highly contested 6th Congressional District seat in Georgia on Tuesday night. This race was the most expensive congressional race in U.S. history and a key victory for Republicans who want to hold on to their majority despite polls showing their vision for health care is widely unpopular.

Handel will replace Tom Price, the former orthopedic surgeon who vacated the seat to become President Trump’s health secretary. Her win continues Republicans’ control over Georgia’s 6th District, a seat they’ve held since 1979.

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  • The only reason this race was interesting was that the crack pollsters at MSLSD kept calling the race “too close to call”. A six percentage point win in a small congressional district ain’t small. Same deal in SC proving once again that the country is rejecting the liberal orthodoxy notwithstanding the fake media pablum to the contrary.

    • A 4-6% point win for a Republican candidate down from 20+ points for the vacated, past incumbent Republican is a significant change (read: decrease) in 7 months. Seems like at least some who were considered strongholds have changed their minds.

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