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WASHINGTON — Top Senate Republicans prepared Wednesday to release their plan for dismantling President Barack Obama’s health care law, a proposal that would cut and revamp Medicaid, end penalties on people not buying coverage and eliminate tax increases that financed the statute’s expansion of coverage, lobbyists and congressional aides said.

Departing from the House-approved version of the legislation — which President Donald Trump privately called “mean” last week — the Senate plan would drop the House bill’s waivers allowing states to let insurers boost premiums on some people with pre-existing conditions.

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  • It is grossly unfair to all Americans to make drastic changes to our health care system every few years unless it results in increased coverage for all. The Senate proposal is based on nothing more than political vindictiveness. Our current administration has one single goal and that is to erase the name Obama from history. Much as the Egyptian pharaoh’s did. The Senate version will not improve care, it will only hurt millions. Any changes to our health care plan should be to improve coverage, not take away existing benefits. This is a mean spirited bill which benefits no one . I defy Congress to name anyone who has lived to age 60 that doesn’t have some sort of pre-existing condition, even if it was a case of mono as a teen or a tonsillectomy. We must move to a single payer system and join the 21st century. The only way health care will be fixed and fair is when we all live by the same rules…..and that applies to members of Congress as well. Good luck getting that passed!

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