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WASHINGTON — President Trump famously called the House plan to repeal and replace Obamacare “mean” — entreating Senate Republicans to make their version of the bill more generous.

Just hours before the Senate unveiled its draft legislation, he repeated that plea.


“I’ve been talking about a plan with more heart. I’ve said, ‘Add some money to it,'” Trump told a crowd in Iowa Wednesday night.

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  • • Is there anyplace that gives a side-by-side evaluation of the three plans (what benefits are included, which are not, and anticipated costs to the American public)?
    • How many people (by state) are expected to lose health insurance under both the House and Senate versions of the proposed law?
    • Will the Senare bill be for the Senators as well as the public or have they made themselves “exempt”?

  • Obamacare is what is truly “mean.” The Senate plan just means those of us who once had reasonable individual plans pre-Obama will just have higher premiums and higher deductibles than before. It’s getting worse, not better. The House plan actually would have actually helped to some extent – it was not “mean.” Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Well, I’ve got my answer. Things will not get any better for the small business or self-employed middle class. Trump has failed us, as has Congress. This Senate plan is only “mean” to one group of people, and that is us working people who have to pay for our insurance (and have been paying for decades).

    I’ve waited long enough. I intend to quit the individual market this year, since it really doesn’t exist anymore, is exceedingly expensive (even for the worst Bronze plan), and apparently, there is no desire to fix it. I’m tired of my family having awful insurance and paying through the nose for it, while others pay little or nothing and get better coverage. That is “mean.” Time for Liberty Health Share or Medishare, I guess.

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