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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration’s top environmental official met briefly with the chief executive of Dow Chemical shortly before reversing his agency’s push to ban a widely used pesticide after health studies showed it can harm children’s brains, according to records obtained by The Associated Press.


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s schedule showed he was slated to meet with Dow CEO Andrew Liveris on March 9 for about a half-hour at a Houston hotel. Rachelle Schikorra, a spokeswoman for Dow, said the formal meeting “never happened due to schedule conflicts.”

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  • I am shocked this chemical is left on the market. Big problems at USDA. Seems Our President does not have the proper information or he does not realize USDA is a very inportant agency but has to have a informed leader.SONY is nice guy but not right for

  • Just another government hide the evidence. just like Roundup. I had Non Hodgkin’s – lymphoma in 1988 and can not prove it due to the hospital can not find the records. There is absolutely no doubt that Round Up caused my sickness. The kind chemo given that time was brutal but I am 85 now and very healthy thank God. Seems there are a few questions of Chlorpyrifos safety just 1 question should take it off the market until proven 100 per cent safe. A drug called Lupron is still used although caused many deaths ,in fact used for children. It is a shame that our government puts Companies with a big name with lots of money ahead of us citizens. The above mentioned has serious problems and many more will be sick or even worse.

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