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The human body is full of oddities.

It’s why we started our video series, “Boddities,” about all of our curious quirks. We’ve learned why teeth can’t heal and why it hurts to get water up your nose. We’ve investigated the science of sunburns and why a sudden fright makes people empty their bowels.

How well do you know the peculiarities of the human body? Take our quiz to find out:



What happens when you get “butterflies” in your stomach?*
What part of the brain is activated when we get scared?*
When your ears pop, it’s actually a tiny passageway opening to release pressure between the ear and the space between the back of your nose and your throat. What’s that passageway called?*
Why does your skin turn red or hot to the touch when it burns?*
The skin on your fingers is known as glabrous skin. What’s the defining characteristic of glabrous skin?*
Your body uses varying amounts of energy to metabolize meals, depending on what you eat. Which of the following requires the most energy?*
Which of the following protects your stomach lining from being digested like the rest of your food?*
What do your eyes do to protect themselves in bright light?*
Saliva is responsible for raising the pH in your mouth to balance out the acidity of the food you eat, protecting your tooth enamel. What is saliva made of?*
Papercuts are painful. Which of these isn’t a reason papercuts are painful?*

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