he human body is full of oddities.

It’s why we started our video series, “Boddities,” about all of our curious quirks. We’ve learned why teeth can’t heal and why it hurts to get water up your nose. We’ve investigated the science of sunburns and why a sudden fright makes people empty their bowels.

How well do you know the peculiarities of the human body? Take our quiz to find out:


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  • With a bruised ego from getting the last one wrong, I have tried to find any published evidence that paper cuts leave chemical particles in the wound that contribute to the pain. I found some echo chamber online stories that include this idea and quote some authorities, but no actual data. None in PubMed also. Only 7 references with key word “paper cuts”, none on this claim. I remain skeptical, but wish I had picked the preferred answer 😉

    • I had the same question about that “Paper Cuts” question, Lester! Trace elements from the paper…? Fake News! 🙂

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