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CHICAGO — A national initiative to help patients leave nursing homes and regain their independence — which has saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars — could face deep cuts under the Republican health care proposals being debated in Congress.

The Money Follows the Person program, which uses both federal and state Medicaid dollars, helps patients who are leaving nursing homes buy their own furniture and pay the security deposit on an apartment. It even covers an initial trip to the grocery store.

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  • Well why can’t the sick rent a big house and help eachother, I can’t live alone well now but I can’t live in this abusive environment anymore. I have a terminal illness 24/7 alone, people shouldn’t die abused and alone

  • Sounds like a worthwhile program so it would only be cut under the Republican Medicaid reform proposal if you have a vindictive Democratic-Party-run state government.

    We saw a similar pattern in Massachusetts after Proposition 2-1/2 when politicians — miffed that the people took control of their tax burden — made the worst cuts they could think of to the departments they ran. It took a few years but all such politicians were eventually run out of office. That could be a great unintended consequence of the Republican’s Medicaid reform proposal.

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