vidence is piling up to support the idea that the Food and Drug Administration — under President Trump and new Commissioner Scott Gottlieb — is lowering the regulatory bar for drug approvals. It would be foolish to draw definitive conclusions at this point, but it sure looks to me as though the agency’s relationship with the drug industry is cozy these days.

What does that mean for investors — and patients ? Let’s walk through it.

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  • The public will remain guinea pigs with respect to learning the safety profile of what they are being prescribed and putting in their bodies. The difference is now that the risks may be more frequent or severe and the benefit for which they are taking those risks now also will be uncertain.

  • Bias much? New guy, Adam Feurstein’s hatred of all things Trump is well known on twitter as he posted his need for a safe space last November. I’m sure everyone at Stat is as bias and anti-Trump as Adam is. Just looking through the headlines tells everyone you’re BIAS & political.

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