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WASHINGTON — In a high-stakes bid for conservative support, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has agreed to demands from Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas to allow insurers to sell low-cost, skimpier plans as part of a new but still-reeling health care bill he was releasing Thursday, GOP aides said.

However, including that provision seems likely to alienate moderates and perhaps other conservatives as the party struggles to unite behind a plan to scuttle much of the Obama health care law. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, who’d partnered with Cruz, tweeted that the version they crafted wasn’t in the bill, adding, “Something based on it has, but I have not seen it or agreed to it.”

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  • I like the Cruz amendment. I have three genetic disorders which are, at this time, untreatable by the medical field. Any treatment I use is an out of pocket expense to me. To say that I have to pay for everyone else AND my own is unfair. I would carry catastrophic insurance, and take care of what I have to do by myself. I don’t want or need a government agency telling me how to receive my care. I don’t have a lot of affordable options except prevention. All I want is for the government to stay out of my life as much as possible. I don’t ask for anything, I take personal responsibility for my choices, and I don’t want the interference from people who have no idea how to tratment me. I am fine with knowing I will probably die sooner from two of the three, but I have also prepared my family and taken care of my end of life care. Why do I have to pay for people I consider reckless? The cheapest form of birth control is to say no with a baby aspirin between my knees. Teach that and personal responsibility, and hold men accountable for children they conceived. Obesity is NOT a disease…look up the definition. Addiction is, but is more rare. It is highly preventable in most cases. ED is not life threatening and should not be covered under a public program. Stop trying to use cookie cutter medicine. Many vaccines are a matter of opinion and are often more about kickbacks and misinformation than individual needs. It is reckless to treat humans as a “herd” and compromises our immune system in the process. Bottom line: stay out of my life.

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