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We may strive to eat well, but it seems like experts are at war over what makes food nutritious — even if they agree on certain principles. How much do you know about the building blocks of the human body? Test your nutritional IQ.


Which of these foods often has sugar added to it when it's made?*
Which fast food sandwich has the most protein (as described without substitutions in corporate nutritional guidelines)?*
What federal agency oversees the famous food pyramid?*
Extremely low-calorie diets are touted as having this benefit:*
A diet low in this mineral can be a cause of anemia:*
What is a calorie?*
In general, which of these foods has the highest (average) glycemic index?*
Which one of these is not a saturated fat?*
Which of these beverages is thought to have a negative impact on your gut microbiome?*
What makes cholesterol “good” or “bad”?*

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