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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Descendants of hundreds of black men who were left untreated for syphilis during an infamous government study want a judge to give them any money remaining from a $9 million legal settlement over the program.

The head of an organization for descendants of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study said the money could help fund college scholarships the group provides, and members would like to develop a memorial garden dedicated to the men.

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  • My great uncle Dan Welch was apart of the Tuskegee experiment I don’t think it’s fair they do not want to give what is owed to the desendants considering the fact that they did these studies without the permission of the men involve

    • I completely agree with you Lauta Russell. I have called around myself on behalf of my mother who is one of the presently heirs from this study. She has not received anything additional as far as compensation for what happened to her grand father who was involved as one of the gentlemen used as a ghiny pigs and infected with the disease during this study. As a child, in the early 90s, I can remember my mother receiving a portion of the settlements once and have not heard anything else about it. Shame that Attorney Gray would want to use the benefit owed and respectfully due to my mom for a museum to house evidence from this event that happened. I know my great grandfather Roosevelt Martin would not be proud at all and I am just seeing this about them revisiting even bringing this up again. My mother has not received any info and she should be very much so in the system of contact for this because she has received a very small payment before. I guess they are just waiting the time for all heirs to be deseased also but I still live and will be checking further into it now that I have come across this again.

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