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WASHINGTON — The Republican health care bill, at least for now, is dead. So what happens next?

Senate Republicans have already announced plans to pivot to legislation that would repeal much of the Affordable Care Act without spelling out a replacement plan, after two additional GOP senators defected from the party’s controversial plan to simultaneously repeal and replace parts of the law. President Trump, too, tweeted his support for that approach.

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  • Republicans had waited 7 years and fought for repeal of the ACA. Americans are job-transients today and need gap coverage more than ever. Americans want the ACA to survive. I personally know pre-Medicare aged retirees happily buying the coverage. If republicans understood this, they would take a break until after the 2018 elections and work on improving coverage for all Americans. They are in too much of a rush to repeal the main law that helps people retire before they qualify for Medicare. Are there fixes available Americans would approve? Americans are not going to be satisfied with some promise to fix it and wait two years when they have it readily available to them. Millenials will benefit when boomers retire early, so it is a win for everyone to fix it rather appeal it! Cannot understand why elected officials are so stupid!

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