ASHINGTON — Egged on by a group of pharmaceutical executives, President Trump grimaced as he worked a lever with two hands, his signature red tie askew, to concentrate nearly 1,000 pounds of force on a pressure point below. But the glass vial the president intended to break held firm, despite the efforts of the leader of the free world — and that, of course, was the point.

“Really, come on,” Wendell Weeks, Corning’s CEO, told Trump. “It’s not a test of manhood.”

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  • I source my pharmaceutical glass packaging from “Origin pharma packaging”. Why would I change supplier? Medical packaging companies are going to use a supplier who has a large range and diversity of products.

    • Absolutely. And as you know the risk of vial breakage is infinitesimally smaller than the risk of failure of a brand new, previously untested container closure system. I hope Ken Frazier gets an earful from the shareholders, as he wasted his $22,000,000 salary on a publicity stunt.

  • News flash, glass is not inert. Impurities from glass can leach into your drug and vice versa, and the FDA makes you prove it ain’t so. Before they start hiring they had best do some leach testing.

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