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WASHINGTON — The Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare is, for now, mothballed, in no small part because of Democratic resistance, fierce opposition from industry groups, and, above all else, GOP disarray.

What didn’t help doom the effort: an enormous U.S. industry that repeatedly joined President Obama to promote the Affordable Care Act.

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  • Obviously all persons need medical care. But both parties and the public continue to overlook two important aspects. First, stop focusing on “Insurance”. Insurance was never meant to pay for healthcare. We don’t purchase car insurance to pay for fuel, new tires, maintenance, etc. Insurance is for unforeseen accidents or emergencies, which are less likely to happen, which is what keeps “Insurance” costs more reasonable. Meanwhile, the insurance companies, or rather, the Middle Man, continue to make a fortune. Secondly, those of us willing to schlep away in traditional jobs are NOT the 1-percenters, yet pay not only exorbitant costs for our own health insurance, but now have to compensate through taxes the rest of the world’s health insurance costs. Please! Even the gig economy should reason this is so many levels of WRONG!

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