resident Trump on Wednesday announced that the military would no longer allow transgender people to serve, citing both “the tremendous medical costs and disruption” that would be caused by their integration into U.S. forces.

But at least two studies in recent years have found that the cost of medical care for transgender service members would be minimal.

A June 2016 study from the RAND Corporation estimated that there were between 1,320 and 6,630 transgender active-duty service members — out of 1.3 million service members in total — and noted that not all of them would seek treatment related to gender transitioning. The study also estimated that the cost associated with medical care for gender transition would only increase military health care expenditures by between $2.4 million and $8.4 million each year — an increase of between 0.04 and 0.13 percent.


As for the disruption caused by gender transitions, the study found that fewer than 0.1 percent of military members would seek treatments that could delay deployments.

A September 2015 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reached similar cost estimates.

The study estimated that there were about 12,800 transgender service members who would be eligible for medical care. But it hypothesized that fewer than 200 would require care for gender transition each year, based on the percentage of transgender people who sought such care outside the military and the percentage of Australian service members who sought transition-related care.

The overall estimated cost to the Pentagon: $4.2 million to $5.6 million — what the study’s author called “little more than a rounding error in the military’s $47.8 billion annual health care budget.”

The Obama administration announced last year that the Pentagon would cover the cost of gender-reassignment surgery with a doctor’s recommendation and approval from the military. It also said current transgender service members would be allowed to serve openly, and that the Pentagon had a year to devise a plan for enrolling new transgender military service members.

But before Trump’s announcement Wednesday, the Pentagon last month said that it was delaying allowing transgender people to enlist in the military by six months.

Still, there has been pushback from some Republicans. Earlier this month, an effort led by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) to stop the military from covering gender transition-related care failed in the Republican-controlled House, with 24 GOP members joining Democrats in opposition to the measure, according to the Associated Press.

Hartzler had estimated that covering such treatment could cost the military $1.3 billion over a decade, and said that troops who underwent surgery would be out of service for months.

“It makes no sense to create soldiers who are unable to fight and win our nation’s wars,” Hartzler said.

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  • The service should not use tax payer money to change anyones sexual preference. If person wants to do this it is their choice. Discharge them and they can use their buck to do as they please. Since all of this political correctness and liberal thinking our services have gone to hell in a hand basket. Only 5.6 Mil. Mere pittance. No problem.

  • The service has should not use tax payer money to change anyones sexual preference. If person wants to do this it is their choice. Discharge them and they can use their buck to do as they please. Since all of this political correctness and liberal thinking our services have gone to hell in a hand basket.

  • Why in the world would the tax payers need to pay for gender reassignment surgery?!?!?!? What if a female in the military wanted a facelift? If that covered? Or a straight man wanted a penis enlargement?!?!?! Covered??? This is ridiculous…if you want elective surgery, save up and pay for it otherwise take a hike.

  • The Rand study estimated the total cost of “gender reassignment” treatment for an estimated number (2,450) of transsexuals in active military service in 2016 — *when the rules barred transsexuals from enlisting* and serving — and concluded that this cost was minimal in comparison to the total cost of medical treatment for all active-duty military. It is misleading, if not deceitful, to cite this finding as proof that the total cost of providing such medical treatment to transsexuals in the military will be minimal when the ban on transsexual enlistment is lifted. Furthermore, the bottom line should not be the total cost of “gender reassignment” treatment compared to the total cost of medical treatment for everyone on active duty but the average cost of medical treatment, including “gender reassignment” treatment, for transsexuals compared with the average cost of medical treatment for non-transsexuals.

  • First of all transgender people volunteered to serve and protect our.country they should be entitled to health care insuranceasany other military person. Second not all transgender people want reassignment surgery and if they do it should be covered under their insurance plan. Third transgender people are like anyone else…. they have the same mental health issues as anyone else. If you’ve were informed and research the topic, a lot of soldiers suffer from depression , anxiety, and other mental health issues. Fourth, it takes several years to qualify mentally for reassignment surgery. I DOUBT someone would join the military and put their life on the line to get insurance for reassignment surgery! Fifth, the number of transgender people in the military aren’t even a significant amount … something like 12,000 soldiers identify as transgender, and less than 200 would want or surgery! Give transgender people a fricking break, give them surgery if they want it! Damn their fighting for their country and risk to their lives..they deserve to have surgery if they want it! How wouldnyiu feel if you were trapped in the wrong body? It is a necessary surgery if your in their position! This transgender issue shouldn’t even matter because they are just like anyone else and deserve the same thing that ever other soldier is entitled too!

    • No one has a right to enlist or serve in the military regardless of his mental, medical, or psychological condition or capabilities. People are excluded for all kinds of reasons, including flat feet, short stature, and low intelligence. It is entirely reasonable to exclude transsexuals from the military to avoid burdening taxpayers with the inordinate expense of gender-reassignment treatment and because of the likelihood the treatment would impair availability for duty.

    • And no they don’t have the same mental health issues as other people when they join the military. 40% of transsexuals have attempted suicide. The military is training killers. They don’t need people already mentally unstable joining.

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