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WASHINGTON — If Senate Republicans pass a version of their health reform bill, and if a current House GOP spending plan is enacted, it could spell double jeopardy for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

The House Appropriations Committee earlier this month voted to approve a spending plan that would reduce the CDC’s budget by $198 million from 2017. But its bill relies on a fund Republicans are intent on repealing potentially as soon as the coming fiscal year — meaning the agency could take an even steeper cut.

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  • Slashing public health and prevention funding…would increase preventable suffering and death…..The CDC has already violated humane rights to prevent suffering.. Dr’s are making patients suffer from lack of proper treatment. Treatment that hss been working for patients. I really think North Korea should….never mind.
    Heath care costs for patients are already ridiculous. Image emergency rooms treating all the patients without health care. It’s their only option…they can’t be turned away or forced to pay…

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