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WASHINGTON — President Trump on Saturday indicated he will make good on a months-old threat to destabilize the health insurance market if Senate Republicans cannot repeal and replace major elements of the Affordable Care Act.

The first part of the ultimatum likely refers to cost-sharing reduction payments made by the federal government to insurers, which in turn offer plans with discounted deductibles and copays for many low- or middle-income Americans buying plans through ACA marketplaces.

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  • It’s absolutely ridiculous that congress should exempt themselves from anything that they pass for the rest of us!

  • @metweeto: You approve, then, of a president who rules by threat? Our Constitution is a system of checks and balances. 3 EQUAL branches each with separate duties. The president has no sovereign authority over Congress, nor should he. If you believe differently, then you aren’t living in the United States of America.

  • Isn’t there a Federal lawsuit involved in this story, which is much more important than what Trump thinks. Why is that lawsuit not mentioned? (Maybe it’s because in the lawsuit’s early stages a judge has ruled that these subsidies on top of subsidies to the plans are unconstitutional?)

Check the 2000 date..
    Newer information, because he was mad, he cut off health care to his nephew who would die without it. Yes Trump would do this, he has no problem with letting the masses die, suffer, create or worsen a preexisting conditions. He is that sick, pervert, revengeful and spiteful. Hell, he would do it to a child.

In North Korea they jail you, cut off health care, when you are sick enough you are hauled out in front of an anti aircraft gun and shot. Yes they do this one person had diabetes they jailed him for a couple years for the disease to work on him, had to be drag to the firing squad. There are only pieces of you left from anti aircraft rounds.

    Trump’s world.

  • Canceling healthcare for congress should get their attention.
    Why should members of congress not be a part of ACA???
    I like Trump more every day!

    • Fabulous, I concur.

      He’s playing hardball.

      For the first time in my 65 years, we finally have a POTUS who doesn’t fear Congress in any way.

    • Yeah, well I guess you’re okay with him doing just about just about anything huh? Offer your wives and daughter’s then for a good crotch grabbing. You might like that too!

  • Go for it Pressedent MR. TRUMP and build the wall and lock Hillary and OBAMA up for TREASON

    • The only person in our government that needs to be locked up and tried for treason is Trump. It is his time to be put in the dock.

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