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She tweets while she’s walking Luna, her nearly blind cat. (Yes, walking her. On a leash.) And while she’s at home, waiting for the sourdough to rise. She blogs while she’s directing her two teenage sons to fold the laundry.

In posts that careen between empathy, outrage, and snark, Dr. Jennifer Gunter presses a provocative crusade to protect women’s health, preserve reproductive freedoms — and, while she’s at it, dismantle all the dubious, dangerous medical advice she comes across in the wilds of the internet. (No, she recently explained to her male readers, you should not forgo condoms in favor of taping your penis shut during sex.)


Gunter, a Bay Area gynecologist, shot into the media spotlight in recent months by taking on actress Gwyneth Paltrow, whose lifestyle brand, Goop, peddles — among other gynecologically suspect “wellness” items — jade eggs that women are advised to tuck into their vaginas to improve their spiritual and sexual health. Gunter, mincing zero words, has repeatedly trashed Goop while portraying herself as a valiant defender of science.

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  • Trump? Really what does he have to do with anything in this womans life? Ohhh….her paycheck!
    Ok since she can get political so can I
    Why is it that minority’s languish in Democrat city ghettos in economic segregation broken families, poor schools, murders by the thousands yet the only money available seems to be millions going toward the abortion mills she get a paycheck from? Where was her outrage when many of these charnel houses got caught selling dead babies out the back door like butcher shop meat?
    So she is a politician? Humanitarian?
    Nope just your typical smug Leftist.

  • The political left on full display, in all its self-righteous and intolerant glory. Intolerant? Yes, intolerant. But she is probably fairly middle-of-the-road politically where she lives in Baghdad By The Bay.

  • Wow; an arrogant physician. What a novelty. I wonder, Dr. Doom, how many people have YOU killed, maimed, caused ceaseless days of misery and increased the number of days spent in a hospital or assisted Living? How many lines of misinformation, disinformation and outright fabrications have you placed in a medical record in order to protect your entitled butt?

  • So instead of counseling the woman to leave an abusive man, she’d rather tell her how to kill off an icky girl baby? She’s supposed to be a gyno, what about teaching the woman about birth control so no “wrong gendered” babies are conceived? It’s just sad that her entire platform is sarcasm, intolerance, anger, questionable ethics and airing out her own personal demons and unleashing her unhappiness onto anyone unfortunate enough to get in her way.

    • Well, Kate, you sound like a pretty angry woman yourself. Why so harsh a judgement on the doc? It looked to me like the domestic violence victim was trying to produce a son for her abuser so the contraception route is not the answer to her problem.

      I was stunned that Dr. Gunter thought abortion, always a tragedy, was what this woman really needed rather than a referral to a shelter and other supports to leave her abuser. I hope she reads these comments and reconsiders her approach on this one.

  • Sounds more like she’s in to causing trouble than helping others. In her position and the shape this world is in, we all need kindness NOT someone who is going to bring negative comments to everyone else. Everyone has a right to freedom of speech and their own opinion. She seems to wsnt the spotlight. This is just truly sad.

  • I appreciate this woman and her work. However, it seems to me that the solution to the problem of a woman being beaten by her spouse for delivering another baby girl is not to allow abortion based on gender but to counsel the woman on her options for leaving the beast.

    Domestic violence is a public health issue (as well as a humanitarian one.) Her daughters are learning that women can be controlled by men. As the former director of a women’s crisis center I can affirm there are many reasons that women give to stay but there is no GOOD reason to stay with a man who harms you.

    • Yes! If this woman’s husband is so abusive, how does he treat the kids? In these types of situations, how about instead of counseling people to have abortions, we should counsel them on how to care for themselves and get out of these abusive situations? Her reasoning is flawed and definitely not “evidence-based practice”.

    • So it makes sense to feed into that man’s stupidity rather than help this woman (and her children) out of her abusive relationship? In these types of situations, how about instead of counseling people to have abortions, we counsel them on how to care for themselves and get out of these abusive situations? Being a master’s prepared nurse myself, I agree with many of her philosophies mentioned (vaccination and increasing concern over bogus medical advice) in this article, but her reasoning on selective abortion is flawed and definitely not “evidence-based practice”. You don’t feed a destructive force, such as an abusive spouse… you squelch it.

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